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What is an IP Address? Difference between IPV4 and IPV6?

by Snehashis Mukherjee
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An IP or Internet Protocol address is a set of numbers, assigned to every device which is connected to the computer network. That uses the Internet Protocol for communication. The main Functionality of IP address is host to network interface identification and location addressing.
There are two types of IP address is used that is- IPV4 and IPV6.

The full name of IPV4 and IPV6 IP Address is Internet Protocol Address Version 4 or 6, this is an address that identifies us on the Internet. For example, you make an online purchase, then you have to enter your home address. Then the same address Identifying that item reaches your home.
The same way IP Address works on the Internet. We have to give an Identity, this work that is done by your ISP. As you know, you have to contact an ISP to use the Internet.
Those ISPs are connected through Pay Wire and Wireless anywhere in the whole world, you get to use the Internet comfortably through ISP, that ISP gives you an IP address. With the help of which you can easily use any site on the Internet.

What Is an IP Address?

ip address. what is ip address?

Let me tell you that this is its converted address. Its original IP address is something else, which is not used because it is not worth remembering. Its Original Ip Address is of this website is that you cant remember.

But through Domain Registration, we convert that IP to Change in Name and then it becomes a Site on the Internet, then we can say as if the whole world is connected through the Internet. So through Internet-connected every A gadget has its own IP address. Who gives his identity on the Internet. Now your concept must have been clear whether the IP address is.

What is IPV4? IPV4 vs IPV6

what is ipv4

When the Internet was started in the new, every Gadget had to be identified with an address, then at that time Ipv4 Internet Protocol Version 4 was used. But let me tell you that by using Ipv4 we can only use 4,294,967,296 Gadgets. This is a 32-bit size Ip Adress, it was launched in 1981.

What is IPV6? IPV4 vs IPV6


As we have already told that on Ipv4 we can use only 4,294,967,296 Ip. But now let me tell you that this prediction has failed because now every person now has 3-4 gadgets.
Now the Internet is being used very widely. So that prediction has failed, due to which developers have now developed new software which we can also call Ipv6. 3.403 × 10 IP addresses can be done in IPv6. This is a 128-bit size IP address, it started in 1999.

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What is NAT?

nat static and dynamic

The full name of NAT is Network Address Translation. Now you must be wondering what is the work of NAT. Let us tell you the space of IPV4 we have mentioned. It is now over, but we are still using IPV4, how is it possible? This is the job of NAT whenever a device is connected to a LAN, With the help of which she is connected to the internet, then she stays on NAT.

If you have taken any new device and router in Modern, you can find it by searching on Google. What is your IP? You can see both private IP and public IP. You will see that the public IP form is IPV4. The form of private IP is IPV6, so the same thing your NAT does if your private IP is IPV6. It converts your private IP to IPV4, with the help of which you can stay connected to the IPV4 site.

Different Types of NAT

Dynamic NAT – Tell you that the meaning of Dynamic NAT is becoming clear by its name. When your IPV6 requests the Internet, in opening the IPV4 website, NAT gives you a Freely Available IPV4 at the same time.
And then when your IPV6 requests again, once again opening the site with IPV4, again it gives a different public IPV4 address and in this process, your public IP is changed all the time, due to which it is called Dynamic NAT.

Static NAT – By Static NAT, we mean that your private IP is always given a public IP, with the help of which you can always open a site with IPV4, this is why we can call it Static NAT is called. After doing a lot of research on this, Geeksteps has tried to give you complete information. If we wanted, we could also use such words in this post, which you have trouble understanding, we have presented this post in a simple way, because our work is to give you information as well as explain it.

So there were some things that we told you about Ip Address, but tell you that if you want to change your Ip Address to Cyber Crime of any type, then tell me you can be caught simply, it easily tressed If you go, then you should not do this at all.


I hope you have understood what is IP address and the differences between IPV4 and IPV6. There are many technical words that I skipped and presented you in a simple way so that everyone can understand. If you find the article then don’t be cheap to share this article.

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