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Top Windows 10 tips and Tricks that You should try

by Snehashis Mukherjee
Windows 10

Its been a few years since the release of the Windows 10 Operating system. When it comes to pc market Windows rules the market and destroys every competition. Probably Windows 10 is the final operating system from Mircosoft. Microsoft offering a free upgrade to Windows 7 and Windows 8 users to Windows 10 as the support and regular updates for Windows 7 will be discontinued from this year.

Microsoft uses to give major update twice in a year. Windows 10 brings a lot of cool features like Cortana, Edge, New Start menu and many more but that’s not the end.

The last update of Windows 10 was in Oct 2019 and that was named 1909 build. With its latest update, Windows 10 brings a lot of necessary things and features and for that reason Windows 10 becoming the user’s first choice in terms of Operating system. Microsoft developers really work hard to making Windows a lot more faster and beautiful as well. In this article, I’ll discuss Top Windows 10 Tips and Tricks that you must try.

Best Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

Before implementing these tricks on your computer please make sure that you have created restore points because you need to make changes in the registry editor to apply some of the tricks. And if you make the changes wrong then your computer might stuck, so create a restore point so that if anything goes wrong you can revert it back.

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1. Virtual Desktop

If you have ever used Linux or Ubuntu Operating system then you might familiar with This feature. As the name says virtual Desktop means you can have many desktops inside one machine. With this feature you can run multiple applications in multiple desktops, this will make you more productive as you can work many things simultaneously.

To create virtual tabs, click on the Task view button in the taskbar which is beside the Cortana button or you can do the same by pressing Windows + tab key. You can drag the task into any desktops from task view options.

Some of the useful shortcuts are-

  • Win + Tab to open task view
  • Win + Ctrl + D to create new Desktop
  • Win + Ctrl + F4 to close current desktop

2. Enhanced Search

Enhanced Searching, is one of the favorite features of me from the latest Windows 10 update. When you need a file in your computer then you need to search the entire system and not just file libraries and desktop, its a time taking process if you have many files in your storage. With this new feature Enhanced search, you can search the entire Computer very quickly and get the required file in the meantime.

To enable Enhanced Searching, go to settings -> Search Windows -> Searching Windows -> Enhanced 

3. Reserve Space cleaner

From the last update of Windows 10, windows started reserving around 7GB of storage for updates and other optional files. In storage setting just click on show more categories then you can see the system and reserved. There you can see reserved storage around 7GB that’s a lot of space for those who are running out of storage.

Right, when if you don’t want windows reserved the storage there’s a registry trick you can do just open the registry editor using this key in the search now in the registry editor just paste the below line,


Okay, so here you can see the shipped with reserves option right just double click on it and change value data from 1 to 0 and click OK.

Now close the registry editor and reboot windows now do note that the reserve storage won’t be deleted immediately, the next time you update windows reserved storage will be removed anyway also note that Microsoft does not really recommend this but we were fine without reserve storage previously so I guess it’s fine.

4. Windows Standbox

These features basically implemented to target Pro or Enterprise users of Windows 10. It’s basically a virtual machine and it has the ability to test your applications securely in a completely isolated environment without setting any other virtual box. Moreover, it deletes all the files after closing the Windows Standbox so you don’t need to panic if you are dealing with some random or malicious applications in Windows Standbox. This is why this feature is implemented in the Pro version of Windows 10 and this is not available in Windows Home edition.

To use Windows Stand box first make sure that your hardware virtualization is enabled from bios settings. Your machine should have AMD64 architecture, minimum of 4gb ram, 1 GB free storage, and at least 2 core CPU. To enable Windows Standbox search for Turn Windows Features On or off from the start menu, then scroll down and check on the Windows Standbox option, next click on ok then restart your computer.

5. New Clipboard

In the latest update of Windows, they have implemented a clipboard feature that you can use to store the latest copied items from your keyboard. You can save up to 26 most recent items in your clipboard. To access these items you need to press WIN + V it will open Clipboard and you can choose what to copy. The best part is now you can sync your copied items through various PC’s over the cloud if you have the same Microsoft account in all the PCs. To enable this feature just go to settings -> System -> Clipboard and enable clipboard.

6. New Light theme

Windows 10’s dark theme was one of the most important updates from the last iteration. But this All new Light theme gives you a clean and cool look to your windows. Moreover, you can use dark and light themes as well by customizing the theme.

To enable Light theme go to settings -> personalization -> colors -> Light theme.

7. All new Gamebar

The game bar in Windows 10 started off as a simple tool to record the screen, take screenshots or maybe Livestream but now it has become a feature that as well so many features yeah, it lets you stream games check the performance on your PC while gaming, play music from Spotify, share screenshots on different platforms and do a whole lot more. There’s a new feature now that you are going to love FPS support it’s all you need to do is update the game bar app on the Windows Store and you should get this FPS option in the performance dialog. you no longer need third-party apps to see the FPS count.

8. Updated Screenshot tool

screenshot tool has been pretty handy but there’s one feature that it has been missing the ability to capture screenshots of a particular window when a recent update to Windows 10 has brought window snip you can just press Windows + shift + S or Print Screen key if you have our option enabled now unlike previously you can see four tools here yes there’s a new window snip tool here and if you select that and use it to take screenshots of windows like this, yeah it is simple and handy and I am sure this will be helpful for us because cropping screenshots for articles is a lot of work.

9. Make Calls from Computer

Microsoft’s your phone app is great it lets you access your photos your texts your notifications and a lot more from your phone on your PC. Now it’s great but the most interesting feature has to be the ability to make phone calls, yes you can make phone calls from your PC. First, of all, you obviously need to link your phone with the PC to your phone app and pair them via Bluetooth for the calls feature. To enable now once you do all of that you’ll see the recent calls you made and the dialer in your phone app on your PC. Now it’s pretty simple you can make calls or receive calls from your PC and that’s not all you can even transfer calls between the phone and PC.

10. Pause Updates or opt of major Update

Windows 10 pro already had the option to pause security updates for 7 days. With the latest update Windows had decided to bring this feature to Home edition also. Users can pause the updates up to 5 times and can skip major updates also.

If you want to stop the download and installation of a new Windows updates, goto settings -> Update and Security -> Windows Update -> Advanced Update. Then you can turn off the Pause Updates.

Final Words

Did you like these new features? How many of these you know earlier. If you like this article then please share this article and subscribe to my blog so you will get notified in every new update.
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