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This is how the internet works!

by Snehashis Mukherjee

Have you ever thought how does internet works? The Internet is basically a network of computers that are interconnected and distributed throughout the world to provide a connection to the network. In the current generation, almost everyone uses an internet-capable device that makes the Internet one of the parts of our daily lives. We use the internet in almost everything, for example, chatting with friends, learning new things, driving cars, to do our works, etc.

But have you ever thought about how the internet is coming to your phone or laptop, Who is the owner of the internet? In this article, I will explain to you how does the internet works?
Before understanding how does the internet works lets understand what is the Internet.

What Is the Internet?

The Internet is a large network of internet-capable devices that are connected to each other. The Internet can be defined as the worldwide network in which computers, servers, and smart devices or the internet-capable devices are connected together for communication and data exchange purposes. The Internet also further divided into 2 types –

  • Internet is a combination of computer networks globally and used standard Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Every device which is connected to the internet has a unique IP address. The IP address or Internet Protocol address is a unique set of numbers, which is used to find the device location. The Internet can be accessible to every user on the planet.
  • Intranet is a system in which multiple computers are connected to each other. Basically every organization maintains its own intranet which can only be accessible by the employees of the organization. Each computer on an intranet has its own unique IP address.

The internet is divided mainly into three hierarchy levels. There are only a few top-level companies are there in the world who are the main supplies of the internet and they have access to high-speed inter-urban networks, which is the backbone of the internet.

Tier 1 Companies:

Tier one companies are those who spread the optic fiver cable behind the ocean in the whole world to connect every country for communication. Basically the internet is free, For example, you have one computer in your bedroom and another in your drawing room you just connected that two computers with a cable so that you can communicate with each other.

The cost of your internet is the price of your cable. You can see in the below image how internet cables are connected to every country in the world.

Tier one companies connected every country by fiber optics or submarine cable. So the money that you pay for the internet that because of that cable and the maintenance of the cables. They also spread backup cables on the ocean so that if one cable damages then other cables will continue to work.

Tier 2 Companies

Tier one companies spread the cable into the ocean all over the world and connect every country with internet. Every country has a landing point from which further distribution of the internet is done by tier two companies. Tier two company’s purchases internet from tier-one companies and spread it all over the country via Mobile towers or LAN cables. Tier two companies set up mobile towers and each of the mobile tower has their maximum bandwidth. That tower is used to spread the internet in zones or circles in which we normal peoples use the internet. For example, one mobile tower has 100 Mbps speed then that speed is used by many people that’s why internet speed becomes slow.

Tier 3 Company’s

Tier 3 companies are even more local. They purchase the internet from tier two companies and spreads in the locality as broadband services. There are many broadband providers in the market who provides internet connection via cable to our house. That cable is plugged into the router so that you can use the internet Wirelessly.

Some Internet-related terms that you should know:


Probably everyone hard about wifi-router. But the question is what is a router? The answer is simple Router is a network device that is used to forward data packets between computer networks. A router is connected with two or more data lines from the different IP addresses. When one network sends data packets from one of the lines, the router reads the packet and sends the packet to its destination.


ISP or internet service providers are those who are responsible to bring internet connectivity to your locality. In India, you are sing ISPs like JIO, Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, BSNL, etc. They charge from the users for using the internet gives the charge to tier-one companies.


AS the name suggests modem is defined as Modular and De-modular. The modem is an electric device that helps you to connect with the internet. The main work of Modem is converting Digital signals to Analog signal and vice versa. Computer signals are stored digitally but while transformation the signal needs to convert into the Analog signal.


DNS or domain name service is an ordered way of searching for the domains or converting the human-readable domain name to their respective IP or Internet Protocol address so that the internet can search the website by using their IP without any interruption.


IP or Internet Protocol is a unique set of network addresses for your computer or internet-connected devices so the Internet knows where to communicate with you. Internet protocol is used to send data from one device to another device.


I hope you have got a basic idea of How does internet works. If you understand the working of the internet then share this article on your social media so that other peoples can also know how the internet is working. Subscribe to our blog to get notified in every new post.
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