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Steps to Becoming a Web Developer

by Snehashis Mukherjee

Web developer industry growing rapidly but the question remains the same, How to Become a Web Developer? Rather you should ask How to become a Successful Web Developer? This is important to ask because you can find many web developers out there but how many of them are successful? So you are interested to become a Web developer? Okay, Let’s understand the difference between Web Designer and Web Developer.

Web Designer is a person who is responsible for building visual aspects and layout or structure of the website.
Web Developer a person who takes the static design and make that a fully functioning website that is accessible to the world.

Now the question is what type of developer you want to become? Front End, Back end, Or Full Stack.?

[su_heading size=”19″ margin=”10″]What is Front End Development?[/su_heading]

Front-end is basically a user interface(UI) which you can see on your screen. Those who build the User interface is called Front end Developer.  FRONT end developers are also known as a client-side developer who creates a website or web application using front end languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, jQuery, etc so that a user can see and interact directly.
The main objective of designing a site is to ensure that when a user opens the site they can easily read and understand the content. They also need to ensure that the website opens up correctly in any browser or any device or any operating system, which requires proper planning before developing.

Front end technologies

There are many technologies available for Front end developers to develop the website using those languages. But here I’m telling you about the basic languages that every front end developer should know. Without this Front-end development or UI development is not possible. After learning these languages you can move further and learn advanced languages to develop your website more advanced.

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. This is the heart of Front end technologies. You cannot do anything without this. This is used to build the structure of the website. In HTML we use tags to create a website. The basic tags are <header> and <body>, whatever You write inside the Header and body you can see the output In your browser. Current version of HTML is HTML5.

The basic template of HTML is –

<!DOCTYPE html> <!-- doctype declaration -->

<html> <!-- opening HTML tag -->

    <head> <!-- opening head tag -->

        <title>Page Title</title> <!-- title tag -->

    </head> <!-- closing head tag -->

    <body>  <!-- opening body tag -->

        <h1>Homepage Headline</h1> <!-- h1 headline -->

        <p>This is a paragraph.</p> <!-- paragraph -->

    </body> <!-- closing body tag -->

</html> <!-- closing HTML tag -->

CSS/Bootstrap CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet, is used to make your website responsive and beautiful. HTML only makes your website static and CSS makes your website responsive and user-friendly. The current version of CSS is CSS 3. You can write CSS in two ways,

1. Internal CSS: You can write your CSS codes inside the HTML file within the header inside the “<style>” tag. Example of Inline CSS is –         <!DOCTYPE html>
             body {
            background-color: linen;

           h1 {
           color: maroon;
         margin-left: 40px;


         <h1>This is a heading</h1>
         <p>This is a paragraph.</p>


2. External CSS: You can write you CSS codes in different files and link that file with an HTML file. The Extension of CSS file should be (.)CSS and You have to use the “<link>” tag to Connect CSS and HTML. Example of External CSS is –

HTML file –

          <!DOCTYPE html>
              <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="mystyle.css">


            <h1>This is a heading</h1>
            <p>This is a paragraph.</p>


mystyle.css File-
            body {
            background-color: lightblue;
                     h1 {
              color: navy;
              margin-left: 20px;

3. Inline CSS Is used to apply a unique style to an element. To use Inline CSS you have to use the “<style>” keyword on the line of the element. Example of inline CSS –

            <!DOCTYPE html>

             <h1 style="color:blue;text-align:center;">This is a                        heading</h1>
             <p style="color:red;">This is a paragraph.</p>


Bootstrap is a CSS framework that is used to develop a responsive and mobile-friendly website. Bootstrap 4.3 is the latest version. There is the much-predefined class which is used to build a responsive website. Bootstrap classes work the same as you write 100 lines of CSS code to do the same. Either you can download Bootstrap Framework and paste the file inside your project to use Bootstrap or you can use the CDN link to use Bootstrap on your Website.

JavaScript is a programming language is used to make your website more dynamic and responsible and can update and change both HTML and CSS and also can calculate, validate and manipulate data. It provides many functions to add to your website and make it more powerful.

Unlike CSS you also can Write JavaScript code inside Your HTML or you can link External JavaScript file. The extension of the external JavaScript file is (.)js.

Internal JavaScript example-

<!DOCTYPE html>
<h2>JavaScript in Body</h2>
<p id="demo"></p>
document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = "My First JavaScript";</script>


External JavaScript file-

<script src="myScript.js"></script>

Apart from these, there are many technologies available like Angular, React, AJAX, etc. First, you should learn these things first and learn more languages. All these Angular, React are based on JavaScript so you should learn JavaScript first very well.

Scope of a Front End Developer

There is a never-ending scope for front-end UI designers and Developers! You need to master certain tools like Adobe Illustrator and After effects and programming languages also. Practice makes a man perfect, the more you practice the more you will get. So you have to make a website a regular basis and update it too on Git. Try to build a website more beautiful using styles and make it so unique. Every Company needs a Website and they also need front end developers so that every user can interact and grow their business as well so Front end Developer scope will never end. If you don’t want to work in a company, you can become a Freelancer web developer or you want to do both jobs and freelancers at the same time you can do that too.

Salary of a Front End Developer

Talking about salaries, front end web developers have one of the most salaried skills set on today’s job market today. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a Front end Developer is more than $76000 in a year. In India, an Entry-level Front end developer who has less than 1 year of Experience can expect 300000 rupees in a year. The more you have experience the more you will earn. So never stop learning and never stop earning.

[su_heading size=”19″ margin=”10″]What is Back-End Development?[/su_heading]

Back-end Developers are also known as a server-side developer where your main focus will be on the functionality of the website not on the user interface of the website. Back-end developers will make the static design into a live and functional website that can be accessible to all the users and also ensures the security of the website.

For example, you are reading this article. The writing and the images are showing in proper format or structure this is the responsibility of a front end developer. And on the other hand, WordPress and all other technologies are used to fetch the data from the server and displayed to you this is the responsibility of a back-end developer. When you are requesting for service on the website in the back-end the website will communicate to either database or and other resources to give you the exact response of your request.

Back-end technologies

The back-end of a website can be built with any programming language. But some of the most popular for building back-end are –

  • PHP can be used as a back-end programming language. PHP helps us to communicate to Databases to we can send to get requests or information from the database server. PHP is one of the most widely used languages for back-end web development. Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress, and many more sites are made using PHP.
  • Python programming language is fast and ideal for getting things done quickly because of a few lines of code you need to write. This is one of the most powerful languages and widely used and works well in Object-Oriented Designs. YouTube, Google is the big name that is build using python as a back-end language.
  • C# is one of the most popular frameworks of Microsoft’s .NET Framework on the internet. This is mostly used in developing Windows applications and also can be used to build android and iOS applications with the help of cross-platform technology like Xamarin.
  • Java is a subset of C language and comes with a huge Eco-system and community as it is one of the oldest languages which you can use as your back-end programming language. This is very much suitable for enterprise-level applications, Huge traffic websites, and android applications. Twitter, AT&T, Salesforce are the big names who use java as a back-end.
  • Node.js is basically a framework of JavaScript, but you can use Node.js as the back-end technology of your website. Node.js handles the client-server communication very fast and ideal for real-time applications, chatbots, and data-heavy applications. PayPal, Linkedin are the big names who use Node.js as back-end.

Apart from these, there are many languages you can use as a back-end language. You learned JavaScript as front end language, learn JavaScript as back-end because it provides a wide range of frameworks which is used to develop Hybrid and modern applications.

Scope of a Back End Developer

Unlike front end developers Back-end Developers has also Huge demand in the market. When a front end creates a User interface then back-end developers needed to make the website functional so that users can interact easily. You need to be master of any one technology so that you can make websites live. Every company hires back-end developers so that it contributes developing the products as well as server-side development. So if you need to be a part of any company as a back-end developer or a freelancer then you must be good in one or many technologies.

Salary of a Back End Developer

If I talk about salaries a back-end engineer earns more then a front end developer in today’s job market. The average salary of an entry-level back-end developer is $80000 in a year. In India, who has less than 1-year experience gets an average of 350000 rupees in a year. So the more you gain experience or the more languages you know that will decide your salary. So don’t think much about salary start learning and start developing.

[su_heading size=”19″ margin=”10″]What is Full-Stack Developer[/su_heading]

Those who Knows both front-end and back-end technologies is known as Full Stack Developer. If you want to learn front end and back end technologies along with database languages then you will be calling as Full-stack Developer.

Scope and Salary Of a Full Stack Developer

Nowadays most of the company’s want full-stack developers over hiring different front end and back end developers. So if you learn front end and back-end technologies both then the chance of getting hired is more then the back-end and front end developers. And the salary of a Full stack developer is more than both the front end and back-end developers. On average a Full-stack developer earns $10000 in a year. In India, an Entry-level full stack developer earns average 500000 rupees in a year, and it goes on depending on your experience.

Final Words

It’s hard to get a job without a degree, so first get a degree and learn all the languages based on your interest. If you want to become a front end developer then learn front end technologies or if you want to become a back-end developer they learn back-end technologies, or if you want to become a full-stack developer then learn both front end and back end development technologies and build projects as much as possible.

This is an endless process of learning technologies as it updates every day and new technology introduces every day. So you need to be updated as well, your learning process will never end. Learn new things every day and practice those by making projects.


If you have any questions, leave your comments below I’ll definitely reply to you or you can contact me. If you found this article useful then don’t be cheap to share this article with those who want to become a web developer and achieve their dream. And lastly all the best for your bright future.!!!

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