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PUBG Mobile 0.16 update is here: what’s new in this Update?

by Snehashis Mukherjee

Player Unknown Battle Ground aka PUBG Mobile still one of the most popular online multiplayer games. I’m sure most of you love this game, even I love this game and I use to play this game a lot. This game becomes very famous from its release back in May 2018.

After multiple updates and many seasons of this game, the new Update of 0.16 PUBG Mobile is here. The update will start rolling out from today, 11th December 2019. Unlike previous updates, PUBG mobile won’t take the game servers offline to update the game, but players need to update the game in order to invite the friends who already updated the game.

The new update is focused on Holiday season or winter season and will bring some new cool features, new gun skins, new outfits and a lot more. PUBG mobile has confirmed that users need 0.6GB to update their game into the latest version.

PUBG 0.16.0 Download Instructions

PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 is a huge update that brings a lot more features than ever. Players need to have 2GB free space available on their device in order to install this game. Android Users need to have 1.67GB and iPhone users need to have 1.98GB free space. If you have older versions installed on your phone you need 667MB to update the game into the latest version.

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What’s new In 0.16.0 Update?

EvoGround Mode — RageGear TDM

PUBG Mobile added two new modes in EvoGround Catagory in 0.16 updates that are the RAGE Gear TDM and Rage Gear Pickup. There will be two teams and the players of the teams will be assigned as the Driver and shooters. There will be three vehicles like DACIA, Buggy, UAZ and the vehicles will be installed with powerfull weapons including a mounted shotgun and RPG and Granade Launcher but you can choose what you want.

In this mode, the player will get 1 point for destroying one enemy, and whichever team achieves will achieve the target fast and score fast they will the winner. But in pickup mode points will be lost if your vehicle destroyed and if a team collects the required number of points they will be the winner.

Snow in Errangel

Winter is coming not just in real life but in PUBG Mobile too. Whole Errangel map is not covered with snow, but some higher places will be covered by snow.
Stalbar, Georgopol Mountains, and Mountain Located between School and Pochinki will be covered with Snow. The best part is the snow-covered area will have level 3 loot along with exotic weapons, which makes it harder to find a flare gun in the whole map. And there will be a Ropeway to carry you in between the snow mountains in case you didn’t find any vehicle there, and also you can able to hope on a snowboard and perform freestyle snowboarding.

Healing while moving

All the medical items that are available in PUBG mobile like Medi kits, Health kits, bandages, drinks, pain killers, etc can be used while moving. Earlier versions of PUBG you can not take healing while moving but in this update, PUBG developers introduce healing while moving.

Healing Continuously

This is a new feature of PUBG mobile. In older versions of PUBG Mobile, you need to tap on the healing, again and again, to heal yourself completely. But in this update you just need to tap once on healings then it will automatically heal until healing complete fully.

Switch between TPP/FPP

In this release of PUBG Mobile, they have added a button to switch between TPP and FPP. If you are playing a TPP match then you can change to FPP while in-game you don’t need to exit from the game. There will be a button to change between those two modes. You can customize the button if you don’t want the button to be present then that can be removed too.

Slide settings

The sliding feature was introduced in the last update of PUBG Mobile, but the problem was you can not turn off that feature if you don’t like that feature. But in this update, you can turn off or on slide settings by going into the settings. If you disabled that feature then sliding will not be triggered in TEam death match TDM.

Custom Rooms

Now you can play brand new RangeGear mode in the custom room.

Spectator Restriction

Till now any player can spectator any player who is on the friend list. But in this update, new restrictions added for the spectator. Now lower-tier players can not spectate higher tier players. What do you think about this feature? Is this implementation good or previous implementation was good?

Team-mate kill restrictions

It happens many times for getting loot your teammates kills you. It happened many times with me. To prevent this PUBG Mobile has introduced a feature in which players can prevent the teammate who knockout or kills them, from picking up their items from Crates.

And also you can report a teammate for a friendly fire to stop the responsible teammate from performing further actions during the current match. Apart from these major updates, PUBG Mobile has improved the graphics quality and many other improvements.

Performance improvements

PUBG Mobile 0.16 comes with some performance improvements like reduced lag in Team Deathmatch, Improved the rendering resource usage for high-spec models in TDM, reduced resource usage for some high-spec devices, and also improved the frame rate of some low-spec devices to increase the smoothness.

Improved smoothness when rotating the camera, opening scope and moving through the map, and also reduced the loading time required for some Android devices to enter the battle.

You can download PUBG Mobile from here.


Here is the new update list of PUBG Mobile. I hope you have updated your self. Did you like the new update? Let me know in the comment section below. If you like the article then don’t forget to share with your PUBG mate.
Thank you.

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