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Most amazing websites on the internet

by Snehashis Mukherjee

There are millions of websites available on the internet at the present time. It’s hard to sort the most interesting websites from the millions. But here I tried to point a few of the most beautiful website design for this article.
Some of these may be you know but at least you should check these sites once.

Most amazing websites on the internet.

1. The internet map

Like any other map, the internet also has a map that is used to display websites’ relative positions. Basically internet map is a bi-dimensional presentation of links presents between the websites on the internet.
Every website is represented in the form circle in the map, and the size of the circle is determined by analyzing the website traffic. The circle will be bigger if the website traffic is bigger and vise Versa. When the user visits another website from the link, if the link is strong then that website will be represented closer to the map.

Visit The internet map

2. The Scale of the Universe

You can see everything from smallest to largest thigngs whichever present in our universe by using this website.
The scale of universe takes you on a ride to see the smallest things founded by scientiests, and also you can see the liargest milky way galaxy.

when you first visit this website they will ask you to choose the language then you can use the slider to zoom in or zoom out the things or you can scroll your mouse to do the same.

Visit The scale of the universe

3. Snapbubles

I’m sure you have received a gift that is wrapped with a bubble wrap, the bubble wrap is the most entertaining thing then the gift itself. I can snap the bubble all day and I4 think most of you can do this as well.

Here I’m presenting you this amazing website where you can snap the bubbles in virtually, its basically a game in the browser where you can snap the bubbles and it will automatically count the point.

Visit Snapbubles

4. GeekPrank

Well, this website will help you to show up against your friend circle.
This provides a visual experience that you are a professional hacker, No matter whatever you press on your keyboard it will automatically type its own writing in its program console.

It has some folders in desktop and a taskbar also when you click on the desktop it automatically goes on full screen and gives you a feeling of a professional hacker.

Visit GeekPrank

5. End less horse.

Well, this is the power of a web developer.
This is a horse with an infinite number of legs in terms of length. have you seen this in real life? of course not! At least I haven’t seen these things in real life. From the below link, you can check this amazing website.

Visit Infinite Horse


Here is another fun website where you can see an image which is created by Berlin artist Nikolaus Baumgarten and a team of illustrators that comes together all different fantasy painting into a single picture. And the best part is it zooms in automatically.
It made with an infinite pixel count so that it can be zoomed infinite time.
A fun fact you need 80 years to see the full image.

Visit Zoom Quit

7. You’re getting old

Do you know time is rapidly catching up with you? Perhaps it’s overtaken you and left you in nowhere.
do you know what happened these years in your life cycle? wanted to know these facts then you should check this website once.

Visit You are getting old

8. Pointer Pointer

Yup, this is a fun website that you can visit if you feel bore or nothing to do!.
The main Functionality of the website is you can point your cursor in the window and then an image will appear every time and that pointer location will be a photo.
No matter where you place your cursor, pointerpointer has a photo for you to display at that place.
Pointerpoiner simply requires you to move the cursor and the image will appear every time.

Visit Pointerpointer

9. Internet Archive

There are millions of websites available on the internet today and the number is increasing rapidly and updating the features and structure every day. Have you ever thought about how the particular website looks at its initial stage? here is the solution, from the Internet Archive website you can see any website, a particular page was looked at past.
Basically it captures a snapshot every day and stores in their database. when you enter the website you can choose the year and month and date as well, and you can see the page on that particular date.

Visit Internet Achieve

10. Flight Radar24

The flight is one of the most essential transportation ways of our daily lives. Whenever we need to go to some longer distances or any country we need to take a flight.
Flight radar 24 allows you to track real-time information about thousands of airplanes around the globe.
You can track 180k+ flights from 1.2k+ airline companies, flying between 4k+ airports around the world by using Flight Radar24.
You can see visually the movement of flight on the map which is included in the website.

Visit Flight Radar 24


There are many amazing websites available on the internet which can be helpful or funny. It’s hard to sort out from millions. But I tried to present to you with a few of these amazing websites. Please share this article on your social media accounts so others also can know the existence of these amazing websites on the internet.

Have a nice day.!

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