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Here are the 7 easiest ways to lose weight fast

by Snehashis Mukherjee

Summer is extremely helpful for weight loss. Why? Because in winter, the body needs extra calorie intake to keep warm. But in the summer, that need is not. Therefore, low-calorie foods can be eaten easily and the body is healthy. Excessive calorie intake means that extra fat and excess weight, that’s not to say. So let’s learn how to lose weight fast this summer.

Weight loss means dieting daily and keeping yourself exposed, right? Today’s advice is to prove that your ideas are 100% wrong. It is only natural that the change in our diet list will change with the season. Especially in the heat of the day to be more aware. Because a little random eating brings sickness. Again, it is seen that many hot foods are added to the diet just because it is hot. Let’s find out some quick ways to lose weight, even without the dietary regimen. Besides enjoying all the summer food, the body will be healthy. And not at the end of the month, but by the end of the week you will see that the weight has dropped.

Do not drink soft drinks

A hot period means cold attraction for cold drinks. What is the alternative to getting rid of heat? Not at all. Eat cold drinks, but not soft drinks. Instead of your Coke, Pepsi, Seven-Up or Fruit Juice, eat water, lemon juice or homemade fruit juice. This natural beverage contains many different minerals including potassium. This mineral will protect you from various problems including dizziness, nausea, and decreased electrolyte in the body.

Eat fruit once a day

Replace any one regular meal with fruit. It’s not morning. Instead of lunch, dinner or breakfast, eat fruit or fruit salad. Breakfast is best if you have breakfast. Because it will eat less fry. That means that with fewer calories, digestion problems will go away.

Eat fish at least 5 days a week

Who does not love to eat meat? And on the winter days, this meat is eaten more. In the heat, practice eating rice with fish instead of meat. How low calories will be consumed on the one hand, and on the other hand will reduce the chance of digestive disturbance.

3 cups of Salad twice a day

In the afternoon and at night, of course, eat a cup of salad with your regular meal. There is no obligation on other foods, which can be eaten at will. However, don’t forget about a cup of mushroom. Those who have gas problems in their breath, they can choose any tomato-carrot-bit-raw papaya, etc.

Eat dinner

Bread – There are many people who eat bread or bread or bread without eating rice at night. And in the morning, that’s all. I am not forbidden to eat them at all, but I will ask for a small way. Do not soak the oil in a pan or fry them in a pan, like the bread, reduce the calories in half. Eat flour without eating dough, red flour if possible. And do not eat bread with butter or jelly, eat with roast or milk. It is a matter of little, but you can not imagine how many calories will be saved.

When you eat mango milk

Will I refuse to eat mango with milk? Even this season? Don’t worry! However, when eating milk with mango, avoid sugar. Mango is so sweet, do you need to give sugar? Moreover, milk is naturally very sweet. Add a pinch of salt to enhance the naturally sweet taste of mango and milk. Taste and sweet 2 ties will increase manifold.

Eat eggs, no problem

If you want to quit eating eggs, does it matter? Rather, eating eggs in the morning is helpful in reducing weight. However, in this heat, the eggs do not cook or fry the cooked eggs. Why? Because it will eat less oil, that is, eat healthier. Also, one egg contains 5-7 kilos of calories. But one egg lays 12-5 kcal, and one egg lays 252 kcal. Now think for yourself, which one is better?

Vegetable curry at night

Whatever you eat the fish meat egg, skip it overnight on a hot day. Whatever you eat rice bread, take with your vegetables and pulses. Various vegetables have come up in the market. How many forms of rice, bell, bell, curry can not be eaten? However, eat fewer potatoes. If you do not eat fried food, you must eat it.

Eat lemon tea

Does tea coffee go without a bar or? However, those who are used to eating frequently, this summer, they skip milk tea and practice lemon tea. Summer lemon tea will help you stay refreshed, of course, with less milk, fewer calories will be consumed. Lemon tea takes less sugar. People who drink tea 2-3 times a day, may have milk. However, except for condensed milk, eat cow’s milk, powdered milk for Zidane. Quit eating cream in coffee.

Water is water

You have to eat hot water, what else is he? True you are eating all day, but eating a little to lose weight makes sense. Be sure to drink a glass of ice-cold water for 5 to 5 minutes before eating. On one hand, the stomach will be quite full, eating a little food will bring satisfaction and body. On the other hand, a glass of ice to bring the cooling water to a normal temperature would cost the body about 1.5 calories, that is, 5.5 kilos. That is, if the water is ice-cold

, then some extra calories must be burned. Talking about 3 to 4 glasses of water a day is talked about. Now calculate for yourself how many calories burned only by drinking water!

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