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About GeekSteps

by Snehashis Mukherjee
About GeekSteps
GeekSteps.com, is a platform on which i try my best to explain about technologies, coding and how they work in simple words.

GeekSteps is a platform Educational Blog/Website. It was created by me “Snehashis Mukherjee” in 2019. This Website is full of Technology, Gaming, Mobile , Coding related articles. This articles are written in so simple English so that everyone can understand what i tried to say.

                    Vision Of GeekSteps

From 2010, when I was in 9th class, started building my interest in Technology and computers. From 2015 when I started my Engineering I  started watching youtube videos to know more about these, and I started reading more and more articles. By observing and learning all those from the last few years, I wanted to share my knowledge with the people who wanted to learn something.

The main mission is to deliver you the quality article which will be full of knowledge and easy to understand as well.  There are many resources available from which you can learn, If you are getting a little amount of help by reading my articles then that would be the success of my writing.  Thank You.