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7 most popular JavaScript libraries in 2020

by Snehashis Mukherjee
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7 most popular JavaScript libraries in 2020 for each category based on Github activities and examples I found one code per ready let’s check it out.



Anime.js is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries for creating animation. You can literally animate anything from basic things like moving simple elements changing CSS properties. And JavaScript object value to advanced stuff like motion path, morphing effect or line drawing an image as is very easy to use support all major browsers and most importantly it’s fast.

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if you plan to add sound to your website you can’t miss Howler.js. This library lets you do literally anything about sound creating your own music player, playing sound on JavaScript
event or even 3D spatial sound effect for game development all of them can be done with just a few lines of code with howler.js check it out.



Chart.js is one of the most popular JavaScript chart libraries. It provides everything you need to create any type of chart from the basic line and bar chart to advanced chart like radar. Chart or non-linear scale chart you can customize almost everything – colors, styles, legends tooltips- you name it. Chart.js provides transition animation effects out of the box. So you don’t have to do anything also the chart is fully responsive to the window size so you don’t have to.


Worry about it if you want to create an online presentation try Reveal.js. It’s like an enhanced and more customizable version of PowerPoint except for its HTML. You can create slides and add transition effect zoom in and out change theme or even advanced features like creating
vertical slides open a separate speaker. Window or export the entire presentation as PDF check out the demo on their website. WebGL is one of the top web design trends this year and the first JavaScript WebGL library everyone can think of is.



Three.js Creating a 3D scene and realistic effect like these examples can be done with just a few lines of code. The cool thing about three.js is they are not limited to WebGL you can use three.js. To create a CSS 3D transform effect or use it to render an SVG image without using canvas at all. Don’t miss this library if you need a stunning 3d effect on your website or developing a game three.js is the king of 3D WebGL.


pixi.js is the king for the 2D world if you are looking for a WebGL JavaScript library to create 2D effects like glitch animation, smoke or parallax pixi.js is the one for you the strength of this library is speed, flexibility and super easy to use for example these water ripple effects use only about 20 lines of JavaScript.



You want to add videos on your website it’s hard to find any JavaScript library better than video.js. You can easily customize the video player skins and various playback options like speed the aspect ratio. Or even set it as video background the cool thing about video.js is there are tons of library plugins that you can download. For extra features such as creating your own skins streaming video with Chromecast or even adding mosaic to your video.

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