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10 Cool Google Chrome Flags for Android you should try

by Snehashis Mukherjee

The Chrome browser is the most widely used web browser on Android phones that’s because it comes preinstalled in every phone and also because of its security that provides by Google and its simplicity and speed. Google Chrome packs in some great features to all users and also provides some advanced features in Flags, to access those features you need to enable those manually because of they are in the experimental phase as they are testing for chrome to enable those new features in upcoming updates.

What are Chrome Flags?

To add new features in Google Chrome they have to go stage by stage. When the features are in the development phase, they are called Chrome Flags. As they are in the experimental phase to enable those features you need to type chrome://flags in the URL bar of chrome browser. You can search for the required flags by typing the name of the flag in the search box. 
Here you have to remember that all those features are in the development phase so all of them might not work properly. These features haven’t rolled out in the stable version of the chrome version so all the features may or may not come in future releases.

Best Chrome Flags for Android

1. Chrome Duet

In today’s market smartphones are getting taller and taller. It is a very good experience for consuming media or showing more content on a single page, but it’s very hard to access the top portion of the phone in one hand. Either you need to use your both hands or some wired position to interact with the topmost part or status bar of your Phone. Because of this reason many developers or manufacturers are moving their navigation part of their application on the bottom of the screen where it will be easier to access.

But that feature is not available by default in Chrome, that navigation part is present at the top of the screen, if you want to move down that navigation bar in the bottom of the screen then you need to enable Chrome Duet flag. To enable this Flag, open Chrome://flags and just search for the “enable-chrome-duet” flag and enable it. After enabling just restart your chrome browser then you can see the change.

2. Horizontal Tab Switcher

I personally don’t like the default tab switcher UI present in google chrome. Do you like? As it makes everything messy if you have opened many tabs, and you need to very accurate to open the correct tab or else you have to check all tabs to choose the correct one. That’s that reason I like Horizontal tab switcher UI which is similar to Android Pie’s tab switcher. I can see the content of every tab which and it a lot more easier to choose the correct tab by seeing the content. If you also want this new UI then just enable the “enable-horizontal-tab-switcher” flag and relaunch your chrome browser.

3. Swipe to switch Tabs

The regular way that everyone knows of switching tabs in Google Chrome browser by pressing the tabs button and selecting the one you want from the list. But there is another interesting way to switch between tabs you can swipe left and right across the address bar or swipe down on the bar to see all the tabs that are open.

4. Enable Dark Theme

The dark mode is one of the most important features on a smartphone nowadays. All the google applications started receiving dark mode slowly. But many smartphone manufacturer companies providing a system-wide dark mode in that every app is enabling dark mode. If your phone does not have a system-wide dark mode or dark mode on google chrome then you can enable dark mode by enabling Android Chrome UI dark mode flag. After enabling you to need to restart your chrome browser and then go to setting then you can see new options Themes, inside themes you can enable dark mode.

5. Increase Download Speed

Yes, Google Chrome is not the best for downloading purposes. But you can increase your download speed by enabling a flag called Parallel Downloading. Parallel Downloading is the reason for the popularity of Internet Download Manager (IDM). It allows creating multiple connections to the server to download the same file so the download speed increases significantly. Though there are many methods available on the internet to increase download speed they are mostly fake or old. By enabling this flag on your browser it will increase your download speed. You won’t see the difference in small files but you can see the difference while downloading large files.

6. New Download Page

The worst part of google chrome is the Download page because of its messy look and hard to find whatever you have downloaded in the past. By enabling this flag, your download page will look cooler and easier to navigate. Just search and enable download-home-v2then you can see that your downloaded files and articles are showing in two different tabs, and all your downloaded files are separated by their types and easy to find.

7. Custom context menu

Your context menu will appear on your browser when you long-press on an image or a link or video. If you are not a fan of the current context menu UI of google chrome then you can change it by enabling a flag. Just search for enable-custom-context-menu and enable it. After enable restart your browser, then long press on any image or link then your content menu UI will look different to so fresh.

8. Long press back button for History

It very uses full when you can see your history by long pressing one button rather than going a long process. This is very useful to switch to the websites that you were visiting before the current one. Not only it saves them time but also it saves the data as you can go to the page directly to the page and you don’t need to reload all the pages in between them. Just search and enable Long-press-back-for-history this flag then you are good to go.

9. Block Redirects

It’s very annoying when you are visiting one website and that website redirecting you to some other websites. There are many redirects that leave you to an unsafe page and put your privacy and security at risk. Google now working on this feature to block redirecting, which is in the development phase, but you can enable this feature by enabling enable-framebusting-needs-sameorigin-or-usergesture this flag. After installing restart your browser to see the changes.

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10. Extra feature for video Player

I know you use chrome browser to watch videos very rare. And the control on the video while watching in the chrome browser is very basic. We all are habituated to double-tap to fast forward on left or right on the screen but all these features don’t work on chrome by default.
By enabling this flag you can get these features easily on google chrome’s video player. Just search for the enable-modern-media-controls flag and enable it. After enabling restart your browser then you will see the full-screen, time and the volume buttons are now above the timeline bar instead of the side.


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There are many more chrome flags available that you can enable. Here in this article, I have presented you with the top Google chrome flags that can improve your browsing experience.

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